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I THINK ITS TIME TO HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE... Since everything around this world now revolves around internet, it will be most rewarding to put yourself or your business online. Do you own a small business and want to reach out more to millions of customers online... having a website will be the best option. Are you endowed with special skills, a teacher, fashion expert, computer expert, a preacher or just a political/social commentator, having a web presence where you can publish your ideas for the world to see is the way forward.
But you don't need to be a computer expert or programmer to be able to put yourself online... OkezieWAP offers you a standard and easy-to-use website of which you just have to update the same way you update a facebook or instagram account. WE OFFER Fully-functional website with blogs, comments system, social networks integration, files/downloads management system, visitors statistics... all coupled with a sleek design is what Okeziewap offers its customers.We register, design, host and maintain your websites for you at the most affordable rates. Examples of sites currently under our care are : okezie.com.ng and meetupnaija.com.ng you can visit these sites for a preview.
Having your own website gives you many other advantages. You are entitled to have your own customised domain in relation to your business or person. Unlike a facebook or twitter page, you have better control of what and how you want your visitors to see. Having a website also gives you the opportunity to appear in google search results if a person is searching for something related to your content. Visitors to your website will have a clear view of your products, contacts information and your physical office address (if any).
Worthy of mention... Money: you can earn by placing adverts on your website. Many Nigerians whom there sites are popular make millions from ads revenue. For contacts or other enquiries on how to get your own website, you can Write To Us ..or you can call Okezie on +234(0)9093104646

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Okezie Communications remains one of the best brains to consult in phone computer and Internet matters. It is also XHTML & CSS valid.


At Okezie Communications we rely on high moral values and business ethics, you have nothing to worry about when dealing with us


Okezie Communications is always open and available to attend to our customer needs